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SA TEMAN TEKUN Programme with TEKUN Nasional


TEKUN Nasional which was previously known as YayasanTEKUN Nasional is an agency under the Ministry of Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development, established on 9 November 1998. The aim of TEKUN Nasional is to provide quick and easy financial loans to the Bumiputera to start and develop their business. TEMAN TEKUN uses the concept of grouping (5 individuals or more) to provide loans easily,quickly and efficiently for business needs.

Financial Assistance from TEKUN Nasional



  1. Bumiputera
  2. Age 18 –65 years old
  3. Possess a valid SSM Business License
  4. Documents (IC, utility bill, income document, bank statement)
  5. Verification Letter from redONEto the applicant stating that the money from the loan will be channeled directly to redONE
  6. Lists five (5) applicants in one group for TEMAN TEKUN Scheme Loan application
  7. Loan repayment done weekly
  8. Possess a specific business premise/location or business on the move

Documents Required

  1. Complete TEKUN / JPP 02 Form
  2. Complete TEKUN / JPP 06 KertasRancanganPerniagaan(KRP) Form
  3. Applicant’s passport-sized photograph (1 photo)
  4. Photocopy of Applicant’s NRIC
  5. Photocopy License / Permit/ valid Business Registration (SSM)
  6. Photograph of premise / business location/ project site
  7. Photocopy of Savings Book / Bank Statement
  8. Photocopy of House / Business Premise Utility Bill

Loan Requirements

  1. The period of repayment is maximum 5 years.
  2. Form a group of 5 members and go through the basic training with TEKUN Nasional.
  3. Attend TEMAN TEKUN meeting every week at the business site/ TEKUN Branch’s office/ a suitable place with TEKUN’s officer.
  4. Repayment of loan weekly.
  5. Protection under the Loan, Life and Accident Insurance.
  6. 4% TEKUN Management charge from loan sum every year throughout the loan period.
  7. 5% from loan will be credited to borrower’s account after the loan period ends.


Repayment Period

Loan Cost Repayment Period
RM1,000 -RM5,000 6 Months – 36 Months
Examples of Loan Repayment
Total Cost Payment Period Weekly Payment
RM 5,000 3 Years RM 41

Repayment Methods

  1. Collection will be done every week during the group meeting.
  2. Team Leader (5 members) will help collect the payment from each members in his/her group before handing it to the TEKUN Officer.
  3. Execution is based on the concept of security and co-operation between team members.

Loan Repayment

Month 1: After getting Loan approval Month 2 – Month 4 Month 5 onwards Month 36: End of Repayment Period
1st Month constitutes the ‘cooling off’ period Repayment of RM164 X 3 months will be paid by redONE Repayment by borrower starts from the 5th month 5% will be credited to borrower’s account on the 37th month


  1. Loan offered under the TEMAN TEKUN program with redONE is RM5,000 for a period of 36 months.
  2. The loan will be channeled directly to redONE.
  3. Protection provided under the Loan and Life & Accident Insurance.
  4. TEKUN Administration Fee, charge of 4% from the loan sum every year throughout the loan period.
  5. Savings of 5% from loan sum every year.
Item Amount (RM)
1. Registration Fee (Starter Kit) 614.80
2. mReg System Tablet (Tablet + MykadReader) 1,050.00
2. SimCard (148 Pieces) 296.00
4. e-Wallet Value 2,000.00
5. Telefon Bimbit 600.00
6. Other Charges by Tekun
(Course: RM100.00, Registration Fee: RM50.00, Insurance:
RM126.35 and Advanced Payment: RM164.00)
Total 5,000.00

Sales Advisor Starter Kit

1 unit of Tablet
1 unit of MyKadReader
1 unit of Backpack
1 unit of Cap
2 units of Pen
1 unit of Collared T-Shirt
1 unit of Round Neck T-Shirt
5 units of Reusable Bag

Sales Advisor Appointment Process

Step 1 Usahawan Telco-preneur Seminars at 100 PS around Malaysia
Step 2 Apply for TemanTEKUN loan at District Office
Step 3 Approved Loan is released to redONE
Step 4 redONE Telco-preneur Seminar SA Package and Sales Training given by redONE
Step 5 Start Business with redONE

Sales Advisor Seminar

      Location: redONE Premier Shop
      Duration: 3 Hours
    Seminar Content:

  1. Potential of Telecommunication Industry in Malaysia
  2. redONE Background & Growth Factor
  3. redONE Business Opportunity: Sales Advisor (SA)
  4. TEKUN Assistance: Telco-preneur via TEMAN TEKUN Programme

Training Modules

No. Training Modules Details
1 redONE Control Panel (CP)
Platform for registration and line activation
2 redONE e-Wallet
System for SA Commission Payment, bill and other payment for customer
3 redONE Support System (RSS)
1800 110 800 or 1909
SA Support and Customer Service System
4 redONE SOP redONE Terms and Policies
5 Sales Method redONE Product and Sales Method
6 redONEAgent Management System (AMS)
Platform to view Payment of Incentive and SA sales details

Incentive Target

Month Lines Usage (RM) Total Bill (RM) 6% Incentives (RM) 2% Bill Collection Direct Activation Bonus Sign Up Fee Incentive (RM6/Line) Non Celcom MNP Porting Incentive by Mreg, i.e:2 port in / mth Total (RM) Ave Income / Line (RM)
(A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (G) (H) (I) (J) (K)
1 15 15 x RM70 1,050 63 21 200 90 20 394 26
2 30 30 x RM70 2,100 126 42 200 90 20 478 32
3 60 60 x RM70 4,200 252 84 200 90 20 646 43
4 75 75 x RM70 5,250 315 105 200 90 20 730 48
5 90 90 x RM70 6,300 378 126 200 90 20 814 54
6 105 105 x RM70 7,350 441 147 200 90 20 898 60
7 120 120 x RM70 8,400 504 168 200 90 20 982 65
  1. Item E and F –recurring incentive until the line is port out from redOne
  2. Item G –One time incentive upon activation of line with min of 15 lines activation per month.
  3. Item H –One time incentive. Illustration show with a min of 15 lines activation per month.
  4. Item I –One time Incentive paid for port in lines. Illustration show with min of 2 port in lines per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the advantages and differences between TEMAN TEKUN Scheme loan with other Schemes using the same concept?

The advantages and differences of TEMAN TEKUN scheme are as follow:

  • The lowest service charge of 4% a year among Micro Credit Institutions in Malaysia.
  • Members can consists of man and woman.
  • Weekly meetings are made at nearby locations to the business premise and within a short duration. Monthly meetings and the minimum attendance of 2 times in a month in certain cases are allowed with TEKUN’s approval. Repayment is ALLOWED to be done every week, two weeks once & once in a month without deduction in amount for repayment as agreed and stated in the Loan Agreement.
  • Total and repayment period are the same for each member of a group.
  • Early repayment of loan is allowed for any member/groups.
  • No replacement of group member is required if a member dies/ makes early repayment/ shifts/ etc.
  • All group members (5 people) are allowed to make payment at the same time without waiting for other members since all have started running their business.
  • Fast processing period of 7 working days.

Source: http://www.tekun.gov.my/web/guest/soalan-lazim-skim-pembiayaan-teman-tekun

2. How do I get the address and contact number of TEKUN Branch Office if I have further questions?

Please call their Customer Service Line at 03 9058 8550 or visit the official website at
<href=”http://www.tekun.gov.my” target=”_blank”>www.tekun.gov.my to get the address of TEKUN office nationwide.