redONE Sales Advisor


SA Commission Scheme

Revenue Sharing

A) Domestics and IDD – Voice, SMS, and MMS charges.

Description Partners Type RP8 RP48 / RP88
Direct Premier Sales Advisor 6% 4%

B) Data Bundle, Roaming Charges, Commitment fee and etc. (Except Table A)

Description Partners Type RP8 RP48 / RP88
Direct Premier Sales Advisor 4% 4%

Plan RP8 RP48 RP88
Bill Collection (E-wallet) 2% 2% 2%
Sign Up Fee Incentive RM8/line

Example on customer subscribe RP8

Voice Usage RM40 + Unlimited 1 Gb Data RM30 = RM70
Revenue Sharing @ 6% = RM4.20
With Bill Collection @ 2% = RM1.40
Total = RM5.60

Leadership Programme

Category Quality Level Group Sales Bonus
Leadership Bonus(Recurring Commission) *Direct Line 100 Silver PSA 1%
*Direct Line 200 Gold PSA 2%

*Previous PSA qualification : 200 lines for Silver PSA, 300 lines for Gold PSA

Important Remarks:

  1. SA must achieve minimum 100 Direct Lines by accumulation. The 1% and 2% bonus is based on the total collection of revenue of all referred SA.
  2. Only revenue generate on the customer acquired after the promotion is included.
  3. The promotion will be on every 1st of the following month. Status will be updated in AMS on 16th of every month.
  4. SA also required to maintain 10 new lines activation each month to entitle for the leadership bonus.
  5. Group Sales is exclude personal sales.

Full Time PSA Programme

FT500 FT1000 FT2000 FT3000
Monthly Allowance RM 500 Allowance RM 1000 Allowance RM 2000 Allowance RM 3000 Allowance
Device Incentive None 1 * Huawei Y635 1 * Huawei T1 1 * Huawei P8 Lite
Qualify 2 SA Referral,
15 Personal Activation
4 SA Referral,
30 Personal Activation
6 SA Referral,
50 Personal Activation
8 SA Referral,
70 Personal Activation

Important Remarks:

  1. Device incentive while stocks lasts.
  2. redONE may replace the device models with another model equivalent in value based on RRP.
  3. May not exchange device incentive for cash or e-Wallet.

Commission Payout Structures

Topic Terms & Condition Guideline
Commission calculation cycle Monthly Basis (Example: 1st – 31st March 2015)
Partner commission payment will be credited into Partner’s E-wallet account on 15th of every month.
Claim For the listed below:

  • Monthly Rental Subsidy
  • Fast Track Incentive


Claim form to be submitted to finance.commission@redone.com.my before 5th of every month.
Commission Dispute Option 1: Email
Partner must be notify commission via e-mail to finance.commission@redone.com.my

Option 2: Create case in RSS
Main Topic: Partner Commission
Sub Topic: Partner Commission Issues
Issue needs to be highlighted within 7 working days, action will not be taken after.

To get:

  • Monthly commission statement
  • Commission details
Log into AMS to download.
GST 1. Download Form : AMS > Download > Government Service Tax(GST) 2015
2. Submit the 2 listed forms below to finance.commission@redone.com.my before 1st of every month.

  • GST Consent Form
  • GST ID Form


Criteria and Penalty Charge

Criteria and Penalty Charge Commission Payout Percentage
Below 90 days Recurring commission will be paid 100%
Between 91 – 120 days Recurring commission will be paid 50%
Between 121 – 180 days Recurring commission will not be PAID
Above 180 days Penalty 5% of bad debt amount if debt ratio is below 30%
Penalty 10% of bad debt amount if debt ratio is 30% – 50%
Penalty 15% of bad debt amount if debt ratio is above 50%

Important Remarks:

  1. The Penalty amount will be calculated based on bad debt amount.
  2. Any amounts overdue beyond 180 days will be consider bad debt amount.
  3. Total bad debt amount will be calculated based on customer who activated from 1 Jan 2016 onwards.
  4. For those customers who activated before 1 Jan 2016, the penalty charge will be calculated based on 5% of the bad debt amount.
  5. Debt Ratio Calculation:

Partner’s Line Suspension Report

Category Suspension Rate Category of Risk
Partner Line Suspension Rate
(Moderate Risk and Above)
Above 50% Super High Risk
40% – 50% High Risk
30% – 39% Moderate Risk

Important Remarks:

  1. Partner’s commission payment will be held.
  2. A Commission Withheld Letter will be issued to Partner. And, Partner is require to response to the commission withheld letter within 7 days.
  3. The withheld commission payment will be released/forfeited upon completed the investigation process (3 months to monitor the monthly line suspension rate).
  4. We reserve the right to claw back the commission payment which has been paid to Partner.
  5. Suspension Rate: