redONE Sales Advisor


Incentive for SA

A. Direct Activation Bonus

Category Number of Activations (Direct Sales) Incentive Amount
Direct Sales Incentive First 15 RM300
16 – 30 RM10/line
31 – 50 RM15/line
Above 50 RM20/line

Important Remarks:
Only based Sales Advisor direct sales

B. MNP Incentive

Donor Incentive Amount
Non-Celcom Postpaid MNP RM 10/line
Non-Celcom Prepaid MNP RM 10/line

Important Remarks:

  1. NO minimum lines requirement.
  2. MNP Incentive only applicable for NON-Celcom postpaid MNP.
  3. Only applicable for activation through Mobile Registration (MREG).
  4. Previous postpaid bill statement MUST be attached for postpaid MNP.

C. Red Promo Incentive

Category Incentive
Red Promo Incentive RM 60/ line

Important Remarks

  1. Effective from 11th August 2016, line activated before 11th will be calculated based on old scheme.
  2. The Red Promo Incentive will be calculated upon line activation.
  3. Application to Red Promo 48, 88 and 128.