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Hijrah Selangor Programme

A new financial programme to build careers in telecommunication industry.


HIJRAH SELANGOR is a microcredit programme that integrates YAB Dato’ Menteri Besar Selangor, Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali’s idea, to combine with other microcredit schemes – SKIMSEL, MIMBAR and WALA – which were implemented by the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat Government since 2010. This programme was officially launched by YAB Dato’ Menteri Besar of Selangor on 24 March 2015. It is an Action Research Project (Projek Penyelidikan Tindakan) with the main objective to expand the middle class in Selangor state, as envisaged by YAB Dato’ Menteri Besar in his budget speech on 24 November 2014. This wish can be achieved through the implementation of additional capital disbursement systems which are efficient to small businesses in the Selangor state.
About Hijrah Selangor, click here: www.hijrahselangor.com

Sales Advisor Starter Kit

Starter Kit Items
redOne mReg 1 Tablet + MyKad Reader
redONE Round Neck T-Shirt 1
redONE Collared T-Shirt 1
redONE Cap 1
redONE Recycle Bag 5
redONE Backpack 1
redONE Pen 2
redONE Sim Card 10 pieces
redONE E-Wallet RM285.00 / RM260.00 (Blacklist)
E-Wallet Number Registration RM35.00 / RM60.00 (Blacklist)
Total RM1,000 (inclusive 6% GST)
1 unit of Tablet
1 unit of Backpack
1 unit of Cap
2 units of Pen
1 unit of MyKadReader
1 unit of Collared T-Shirt
1 unit of Round Neck T-Shirt
5 units of Reusable Bag
10 units Sim Card

Loan Repayment

Loan Service Charge @ 8% / Annum Savings Total 11 Months Final Payment
1,000.00 80.00 125.00 1,205.00 100.00 105.00

Loan Features:

  • Skim 1 – Amount of Financing RM1,000
  • Financing tenure max 12 months
  • With Savings & Investment features
  • With Takaful Coverage

Premier Shops In Selangor

Where to sign up for Hijrah Selangor Programme?

redONE Premier Shops
1 Aspen Platform Sdn Bhd (Ampang)
2 E Mart Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Kajang)
3 Ganjaran Sepadu Sdn Bhd (Seri Kembangan)
4 Atom Red Sdn Bhd (Puchong)
3 New Wave 68 Sdn Bhd (Subang)
6 Aspen Platform Sdn Bhd (Sungai Buloh)
7 Nawaitu Marketing Sdn Bhd (Shah Alam)
8 Red Premium Telecommunication Sdn Bhd (Klang)
9 Jinly Network Sdn Bhd (Banting)
10 Ace Hybrid Mobile Network (Semenyih)
11 Tellza Network Sdn Bhd (Kepong)
12 Decomms Sdn Bhd (Cheras)
13 Great One Network Sdn Bhd (Cheras)

Search for your nearest redONE Premier Shop here: www.redone.com.my/support/locate-an-agent


Q: Who can apply for the programme?
A: All Malaysians who are citizens of Selangor, between the ages of 18 to 40 years old are eligible to apply for this programme.

Q: I am not a citizen of Selangor but reside in Selangor. Can I still apply for the programme?
A: If you are not a citizen of Selangor but residing in Selangor, you can user your utility bills to prove that you are a Selangor resident.

Q: What documents do I need to submit to apply for this programme?
A: You must prepare and submit the following:

  • 1 x Hijrah application form & Checklist (can be obtained from any redONE Premier Shop in Selangor.
  • 1 x photocopy IC (front & back) of yours and spouse (if any).
  • 2 x passport size photos.
  • 1 x utility bill (water, electric, unifi, telephone) or offer letter from University (for non-Selangor citizens).
  • 3 x pictures of the house premises (1 of the pictures must be inside view of the house).
  • 3 months of Bank Statement.

Q: How do I apply for the programme?
A: Bring your documents and visit one of our redONE Premier Shop in Selangor to apply.

Q: Where can I apply for this programme?
A: At any redONE Premier Shop in Selangor.

Q: How long is the loan repayment?
A: Upon successful loan application, the loan repayment will be made in 12 months.