redONE Sales Advisor

PSA Incentive Scheme

Premier SA (PSA) Incentive Scheme

Leadership Programme

Category Quality Level Group Sales Bonus
Leadership Bonus
(Recurring Commission)
*Direct Line 100 Silver PSA 1%
*Direct Line 200 Gold PSA 2%

*Previous PSA qualification : 200 lines for Silver PSA, 300 lines for Gold PSA

Important Remarks:

  1. SA must achieve minimum 100 Direct Lines by accumulation. The 1% and 2% bonus is based on the total collection of revenue of all referred SA.
  2. Only revenue generate on the customer acquired after the promotion is included.
  3. The promotion will be on every 1st of the following month. Status will be updated in AMS on 16th of every month.
  4. SA also required to maintain 10 new lines activation each month to entitle for the leadership bonus.
  5. Group Sales is exclude personal sales.

Leadership Bonus Stimulation

Total Line:
10 Gold PSA X 300 = 3000 lines
RM150,000 @ 2 % = RM3,000/month

PSA Incentive Scheme

Status Fee
Product & System Training Incentive PSA RM130
Personal Sign Up Fee PSA RM6 + 2
Line Activation PSA RM2

The Diamond PSA


1000 Diamond PSA

1000 lines(Personal)
4000 Direct Group Sales